Did you know that an Apple expert can appear at your door when it’s convenient for you, and take care of all your technology issues?  Just AppleTech brings unparalleled service and expertise to Mac, iPhone, and iPad owners in their homes. From teaching you how to get the most from your Mac to providing on-site and virtual support, the AppleTech team is your resource for Apple issues big and small.


Our in home lessons consist of anything mac/iOS related that you need help with.  We typically have our clients compile a list of issues they are having, and once they hit 5-10 issues, they will call us to schedule an appointment.  One of our Specialist will arrive at your home, on-time, and ready to get to work.  In most instances we knock out all your questions within the hour, leaving you with a peace of mind.


Our in-home repair work can either be done on-site (mostly for iPhone, and some computer repair), or if it can’t be done on-site, we will pick-up and drop off free of charge.  In order to start this process, you simply just have to locate your serial number of the device you would like repaired, and give us a call so we can get you a quote, and arrange a time that works for you.